Montreal, March 9th 2015. Today, the Industrial Workers of the World – Montreal, as well as several community members, occupied the Ministry of Family and the Elderly of Quebec. This action took place in the context of a vast movement against austerity measures and the campaign for a social strike on May 1st 2015.

Many workers are now facing the effects of these measures: health workers, municipal employees, firemen and firewomen, postal workers, students, private sector workers, and more. Yet resistance in being organized everywhere. We will not let governments (whether conservative or liberal) and bosses impose on us their anti-social policies. The time of a minority enriching itself of the backs of an increasingly poor majority is finished. Our unity allows us to strike back at the bosses’ logic. And as such, it must only grow.

The government’s various budget cuts will directly impact the quality and existence of public services. The downsizing of staff at CPEs (child-care centers) and day-cares will not only have drastic consequences for the workers of these establishments, since their jobs are at stake, but also for community members who will no longer have the means to pay for private care services once public options are eliminated. Once again, it’s the poorest of society that will suffer from the government’s policies. In occupying the Ministry, we aimed to demonstrate our solidarity, and our anger against the deterioration of public services.

The IWW Montreal is calling for mobilization towards a national general strike on May 1st 2015. We invite all workers to lead and multiply occupations, blockages and sabotage.

Against the bosses, politicians, and the like: Unions fight back with the general strike!

Industrial Workers of the World – Montreal

Media contact: 438-345-5046

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